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"Stephen Tow is very insightful in his descriptions and historically on the button. He is an inspiring documenter of the period. Well done."

— Dave Davies, The Kinks

"This is a must read on both sides of the Atlantic for any contemporary music buff. The influence of black American music on the British music scene is profound, and what the British did with it had a profound influence on turning American audiences on to their own musical heritage."

— Dave Mason, Traffic

"Stephen Tow has accurately depicted post-war England in the fifties and sixties, when nobody understood what was happening in music until decades later. London, Reign Over Me took me back to what was an extraordinary time for music; a creative and cultural phenomenon that could never be replicated."

— Roger Glover, Deep Purple

"Stephen Tow is to be congratulated on his insightful commentary and understanding of the evolution of the rock music scene in London during the '60s. Tow's interpretation was fascinating reading and spot on."

— Mike Pinder, The Moody Blues

"A must read for all you unfortunates who weren’t around to be part of this seminal era."

— Terry Marshall, co-founder, Marshall Amplification

"Stephen Tow’s excellent and comprehensive book importantly positions London at the centre of 60s world culture, and shows the roots and consequences of that from the 50s to the present day. We thought it was normal then, but it has turned out to be something special."

— Richard Thompson

"Once again Stephen Tow takes us back to a great musical place in time. Every minute and every paragraph sparks the memory and a smile."

— Peter Noone, Herman’s Hermits

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