Radio/Podcast Interviews

(links to broadcasts are underlined)

The Tom Sumner Program, January 14 (starts at 5:11)

Breaking It Down with Frank Mackay, January 21,

WTAM (Cleveland) with Bill Wills, January 23 (17:30), (

WDUN (Atlanta) with Bill Maine, January 23

Rock Savages Podcast with Beau McGranahan, January 23,


KMOX (St Louis) with Hancock and Kelley, January 24 (19:05),

KTRS (St Louis) with Carney and Buck, January 24 (20:27)

KZOK (Seattle) with Scott Vanderpool, January 27,

WAXQ (NYC) with Shelli Sonstein, January 30 (15:57),

WCHE (West Chester, PA) with Doug Stirling, January 31

Rock n Roll Archaeology Podcast with Christian Swain, January 31

KLAA (Los Angeles) with Bruce Cook, February 2

WKRC (Cincinnati) with Brian Thomas, February 7

BBC Hereford/Worcester w/ Kate Justice, February 18 (1:39:27)

BBC Cornwall with David White, February 18 (1:48:28)

Rock School Podcast with Joe Burns, February 18



WNPV (Lansdale, PA) with Darryl Berger, February 21

KKHH (Houston) with Grego and Terry, February 24

WMGK (Philadelphia) with John DeBella, February 25

KRCB (Santa Rosa, CA) with Doug Jayne, February 25

SilverstoneLIVE Podcast with Phill Silverstone, February 28

WGGT (Philadelphia) with Alan Silverblatt, February 29

BBC Coventry/Warwickshire w/ R Williams, March 12 (1:23:02)

BBC Cumbria with Gordon Swindlehurst, March 12 (1:11:06)

Radio City (Liverpool, UK) with Mick Coyle, March 12

Rare & Scratchy Rock n Roll Podcast, March 12

BBC Leeds, with Stephanie Hurst, March 13 (45:40)

BBC Somerset, with Andy Bennett, March 17

Stereo Embers Podcast, March 19

Radio Podcast (UK) with Gerard Edwards, March 26

Midwest BEAT (NPR) with Tom Lounges, April 7

Soft Rock Podcast (UK) with Geoff Dorsett, April 21

The Books Podcast (UK) with Tim Haigh, May 12




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