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Radio/Podcast Interviews

(links to broadcasts are underlined)




BBC Cumbria with Gordon Swindlehurst, March 12 (1:11:06)

Radio City (Liverpool, UK) with Mick Coyle, March 12

Rare & Scratchy Rock n Roll Podcast, March 12

BBC Leeds, with Stephanie Hurst, March 13 (45:40)

BBC Somerset, with Andy Bennett, March 17

Radio Podcast (UK) with Gerard Edwards, March 26

Midwest BEAT (NPR) with Tom Lounges, April 7

Soft Rock Podcast (UK) with Geoff Dorsett, April 21

The Books Podcast (UK) with Tim Haigh, May 12

Sirius XM Potus 124, with Michael Smerconish, July 10




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